Some lawmakers are questioning if the University of Minnesota should receive funding in the upcoming bonding year after hearing about Alpha News’ discovery that the University purchased fetal parts for research.

In a previous interview with Alpha News the minority leaders for the House and Senate weighed in on this issue.  Democratic House Minority Leader Paul Thissen believes the research being done is important, but did say that “finding out what all of the facts are is really, really important.”  Republican Senate Minority Leader David Hann explained that lawmakers had passed a law against this type of research in the past, and says the fact that the University is doing this research is “very troubling” to him.

Representative Bob Barrett says he has plans to address this issue in the upcoming session, saying “There have been many, many disturbing things happening at the U of M over the past year. At the top of the list is the U of M allegedly buying aborted baby body parts.” Representative Brian Daniels told Alpha News he would be willing to talk about funding if the University provides “guaranties on not using fetal tissue for any future research.” Representatives Abigail Whelan, Joe McDonald, and Cindy Pugh have also expressed concern over this issue.

In the 2014 bonding year lawmakers gave the University over $119 million, but whether or not they will give the University any funding this upcoming session remains to be seen.