Leftist DA ousted — by SF Democrats

The offspring of militant Marxist terrorists lost his job late Tuesday night as San Francisco's district attorney.

Supporters of recalling Chesa Boudin hold a rally May 28 in San Francisco in support of victims of crime. (Recall Chesa Boudin/Twitter)

Even voters in America’s most left-wing locale have tired of a soft-on-crime rogue official.

The offspring of militant Marxist terrorists lost his job late Tuesday night as San Francisco’s district attorney. The recall was overwhelming and networks called it quickly after polls closed.

Voted into office two years ago on what many deem a criminals first agenda, Chesa Boudin promised to end mass incarceration, cash bail, prosecute police, not assist ICE, and more.

Angry with the chaos and deterioration of life his policies caused  — violence, prostitution, drug usage, public defecation and urination, and massive homeless encampments — a grassroots group, spearheaded by Democrats and minority voters, placed the recall measure on yesterday’s ballot.

And despite absurd media claims — like “a city that is profoundly conventional and even a little right-wing” — pushback did not come from Republicans because, frankly, there aren’t any. Former President Donald Trump barely received 10% of the vote in San Francisco last November, and Nancy Pelosi regularly obtains over 80% support within the city.

Momentum to recall Boudin via Proposition H picked up steam, as crimes against Asian Americans soared, and most victims blamed Boudin for ignoring criminality and the consequences of his wrongheaded policies. Thanks to woke madness, car theft and smash-and-grab robberies also became a new normal, even across affluent parts of the Bay Area. Last year in the city of fewer than 900,000, fentanyl deaths surpassed deaths from COVID-19.

Brooke Jenkins, a liberal and former homicide prosecutor who, like many experienced lawyers, was fired by Boudin upon taking office, joined the recall effort.

She and those supporting the recall of the long-time public defender raised several million dollars and argued that Boudin was unwilling to aggressively prosecute criminals, placing residents’ safety at risk.

“The media defense acts like conservatives are painting an inaccurate portrait of what Boudin’s been up to,” Abe Greenwald claimed on Monday’s Commentary Magazine podcast. “The fact is, this comes from people who live there, are dissatisfied, feel unsafe, and who know the lived reality. You can’t argue against that. It is literally liberals being mugged by reality.”

San Francisco Mayor London Breed will now appoint a replacement for Boudin until November, when another election will occur to hold the job until November 2023.

Since San Francisco is not going to elect Republicans anytime soon, a pro-law enforcement Democrat may be a slow start to restore normalcy in what was once a beautiful, thriving city.

Later this summer, the trend of removing dangerous radicals from important legal jobs could continue in the progressive bastion of Los Angeles.


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