Leftwing Activist and Chef Andrew Zimmern Received $57,000 From Taxpayers To Tweet Twice a Month.

Andrew Zimmern

Star Tribune reported that celebrity Chef Andrew Zimmern was hired by Minnesota tourism agency Explore Minnesota to promote Minnesota to his audience.

Republican Steve Drazkowski criticized the arrangement which paid Zimmern more money than average Minnesotan makes per year while only having to tweet twice a month. “We’re using poor people’s tax-extracted money to make rich people richer,” said Drazkowski, who leads the New House Republican Caucus .“$57,000 to tweet. Wow. Obviously, the government is fully engaged in what appears to be recreational spending.”

The contract required Zimmern to tweet using the hashtag #onlyinMN. However, GOP operative Gina Countryman has pointed out that Zimmern used that hashtag to promote Democrat policies and to promote his own restaurant.


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