Letter to the Editor: Generational Accumulation of Laws, Taxes, Regulations, Bureaucracy, and Feel Good Legislation

We have a great opportunity now since we are beginning a new election season. Get involved, vet the candidates, and choose wisely who you vote for.

Letter to the Editor

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We know that large metropolitan areas become progressively socialistic. This can be easily seen in our State of Minnesota where the large metropolitan areas of Minneapolis-Saint Paul vote predominantly Democrat, and outstate votes more independent and conservative.

Each succeeding generation is born into increased legislation, regulation, new and increased taxes. They accept these increases because they do not have a history with which to compare. This generational subjugation continues until a society is overwhelmed by tax burdens and restrictions. It affects every family, individual, our livelihoods, entrepreneurism, and human spirit. This has occurred in Europe where taxation has reached over fifty-percent and will only continue to increase. What will become of such a society with this much overhead? Certainly it will erode its own structure and base – this is one of the reasons Americans are fed up with government.

The ever restricting of society with taxation and regulation is characteristic of a maturing society, and is especially rampant in a liberal-socialized society such as is the case in America today. This is how socialists subtly continue their advance. Each generation is born into an ever increasing socialized society and accepts it since they know no better, and therefore, the continuous generational indenturement continues unabated.

Each succeeding generation gets duped with expanded taxes, laws, and regulation because they are always added to, but seldom deleted from our society.

We need to determine the legislation that has caused this to occur, then change, reverse, or eliminate it. Those that read history, and are politically aware, better understand this continuous indenturement of government, and know to push back against it. Each generation needs to take a historic look at government, and the events that have occurred over the existence of the United States.

New legislators take office that say they are committed to reducing this gluttony, and make campaign promises to do so, but seldom change the system because they get so involved in the same system they wish to change. They get enticed by powerful lobbyists, and day-to-day battles, that little of the accumulated, outdated, and frivolous legislation, ever gets addressed and rescinded – and the gluttony continues.

We need assurance that poor legislation by poor legislators, does not happen in the first place. This can only be done by each of us being a watchdog on the whole system, and being an informed, smart voter.

We have a great opportunity now since we are beginning a new election season. Get involved, vet the candidates, and choose wisely who you vote for. And if any candidate does not wish to share any of their background, do not even consider voting for that person – that’s how we got Barack Obama.

Gary Hukriede

White Bear Lake, MN

Gary Hukriede
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