Gutknecht: Equal Justice? Right?

Do Republicans and Democrats get treated equally under the law?

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Several items in the news recently have caused Americans to question whether or not we can still expect equal justice under the law.

President Trump has raised this question both in speeches as well as his tweets. This caused Attorney General Barr to suggest publicly that the president’s remarks were making it more difficult for him to do his job. Even a strong supporter of Mr. Barr could conclude that his objections only served to further reinforce Mr. Trump’s point. After all, if he and his department were in fact meting out justice in a fair and balanced way, there would have been no reason for the president to call them out. Right?

All of which caused the angry Left to demand an independent judiciary (whatever that is) and of course for General Barr to resign.

The harsh treatment, from the pre-dawn, guns drawn, SWAT team raids, to the entrapment-style questioning, to the over the top sentencing recommendations when dealing with Republicans is bad enough. But, the refusal by the DOJ to prosecute Mr. McCabe over lies and leaks that were central to the coup went way beyond the pale. His crimes remember, were forwarded to the Department in a criminal referral by Inspector General Horowitz.

We are supposed to believe that neither office relationships nor partisan politics played any role in this decision. Right?

IG Horowitz confirmed what many of us already knew. Mr. McCabe and others misled (lied to) the FISA Court. All in a naked attempt to spy on the Trump campaign. Court officials were notified of this by Rep. Devin Nunez over a year ago. Has the court brought any actions against the officials who misled them?

Isn’t the Chief Justice responsible for the appointment of judges and the administration of the FISA court? Maybe he is just AWOL or could it be that Justice Roberts just doesn’t care? Isn’t this the same Chief Justice who scolded the president for referring to Obama Judges? Doesn’t he work in a white marble building with the words “Equal Justice Under the Law” chiseled into its façade?

Then there is the curious case of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Strong circumstantial evidence has long suggested that she was guilty of multiple felonies. Our hopelessly corrupt left-wing media have compliantly accepted her dismissive, “I do not discuss my family or personal life” sidestep.

Martin Gould however, writing for the British Daily Mail, actually sought out credible people in Minneapolis and asked some questions. Among others, he interviewed Somali community leader Abdihakim Osman. Mr. Osman confirmed that Rep. Omar had in fact married her brother in an effort to fraudulently get him into and keep him in the United States. The very country that she daily finds fault with. Gould details how she went to creative lengths to cover this up, committing additional felonies along the way.

The evidence and paper trail is there for all to see.

Mr. Gould has put the case together and tied a nice bow on it. He has the documents, the chronology and now corroborating witnesses. So the question is, if he could do all this, why hasn’t the DOJ? Maybe Erica MacDonald, the U.S. Attorney in Minneapolis should just turn this investigation over to Mr. Gould.

Or could it be that justice is dispensed swiftly and surely only when it comes to Republicans?

We have known for years now of the lying, leaking and other crimes committed at the highest levels of our Department of Justice. From the opposition research dossier (which the FBI knew was unverified), which became the centerpiece for FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign, to the entire Russian Collusion ruse. This has all been part of what can only be described as a sophisticated coup and cover up. Remember, they not only were convinced that they would keep Donald Trump from being elected, they thought they could keep him from being sworn in. The entire Mueller investigation was little more than a smokescreen distraction for their traitorous misdeeds.

Remarkably, none of these perpetrators have yet been brought to justice. All while several Trump associates have seen their lives destroyed by an overzealous Justice Department.

Equal justice under the law?

Yeah, right.

Gil Gutknecht is a former Republican Congressman from Minnesota.

Gil Gutknecht

Gil Gutknecht is a former Republican congressman from Minnesota.