Local DJ brings joy, hope, and dance parties to Twin Cities neighborhoods

Impact Entertainment – based out of St. Paul – has been advertising free social-distancing driveway dance parties

Looking for a spark to come back into the mundane routine of this quarantine lockdown? What if you could go to a party in your own driveway with the best mobile entertainment Minnesota could provide?

“We can go anywhere and in five minutes be totally set up for a party,” Masek said.

Joe Masek is the owner of Impact Entertainment, a company that operates a unique entertainment truck providing DJ and MC services – with Joe’s preparation time so short, he is almost like the EMT of parties. His DJ booth is a souped-up, matte black Ford F-350 with the speaker system of a professional venue.

Impact Entertainment – based out of St. Paul – has been advertising free social-distancing driveway dance parties on social media, knowing that there is a captive and hungry audience with very few external stimuli to unite around. However, Joe found that he’s actually giving out much more than just a free party. 

“It felt like for a moment life was back to normal and they were having an experience that they would have at their wedding, or at a bar, or at a social event somewhere,” Masek said. “It’s almost as if life for the moment is totally joyful and carefree,” he said. “Go somewhere, spread love to people who need it.”

“By fifteen minutes in, throughout the whole cul-de-sac and even down the street, everybody was spread out and I’ve never seen adults dance that hard in my life,” Masek said.

Both adults and kids were moving and grooving in public, unashamed to feel the joys of life again.

“It gave me chills, I just feel like it gave the whole neighborhood chills, knowing this is what it looks like for people, a group of people, to come together and celebrate in an appropriate way given the circumstances,” Masek stated.

One song Masek always plays at his shows is “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey.
“We will never stop believing,” Masek said, a man of his word. “This pandemic going to end, and we are going to be a better country because of it. We are going to be a better neighborhood because of it. We are going to be better people because of it.” 

Masek plans to hold free driveway dance parties until the crisis is over. He is hoping to bring joy to more than just neighborhoods,  and is exploring ways to bring the dance party to nursing homes in a safe way.

You can check out more of Masek’s work with Impact Entertainment here!


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