Longest Serving Lawmaker in Minnesota History Unseated in DFL Primary

Representative Phyllis Kahn lost her primary to Ilhan Omar in the 60B DFL primary. Kahn, who was first elected in 1972, faced off against Omar and Mohamud Noor during her district’s endorsing convention back in April.  In a rare outcome, neither of the candidates walked away with the party’s endorsement.  

Omar will likely be sent to the the capitol after the November elections, Kahn won the district with 76.9% of the vote against Republican Abdimalik Askar in 2014.  A victory in November would make Omar the legislature’s first Somali-American member.  

Ilhan Noor
Ilhan Omar

Kahn has not yet posted to social media, but Alpha News has reached out to both candidates for comment and will update this story.

Julia Erynn