Black Lives Matter Leader Defeated in DFL Primary

The leader of Black Lives Matter St. Paul will not be headed to the state legislature in 2017. Incumbent Representative Rena Moran defeated BLM leader Rashad Turner 79.06% – 20.94% in the 65A primary.

Rashad Turner, the leader of Black Lives Matter St. Paul, decided to challenge incumbent Moran, the only black member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, saying she hasn’t been doing enough to “battle racial economic injustices” and “police brutality.”

Rep. Rena Moran
Rep. Rena Moran

Moran was first elected in 2010.  Moran is very likely to return to the Capitol in January, in 2012 Moran won the district with a massive 71.2% of the vote.  

Alpha News reached out to Moran and Turner and will update this story.