Man behind ‘Jesus Saves’ shirt: ‘I will never stop’

Originally from Ethiopia, Shoro has lived in eight states, evangelizing as a “street preacher” along the way. 

Mall of America
A man wearing a "Jesus Saves" shirt was asked to leave the Mall of America, according to videos on social media.

A man who was ordered by Mall of America security to remove his “Jesus Saves” t-shirt told Alpha News he would “rather die” than stop preaching the Gospel.

The viral video shows a security guard informing the man, now identified as Paul Shoro, to remove his shirt because it was “offending” mall patrons.

The mall did not respond to several requests for comment from Alpha News. It has since confirmed in statements to the media that Shoro was eventually allowed to remain in the mall with his shirt on.

The mall said Shoro received a 24-hour trespassing ban a week prior to the Jan. 7 incident for “soliciting guests.” At the time of the incident, he was simply walking around the mall with the shirt on.

“I used to go out and hand out fliers with Bible verses. They told me I could not do that anymore, so I started going with just my t-shirt. Then they started giving me a hard time about my t-shirt,” he said. “I would rather die than take off my t-shirt.”

Shoro, who lives in Brooklyn Park, said he works as an Uber driver and stops at the Mall of America two to three times a week. He moved to Minnesota in June from Washington, D.C. Originally from Ethiopia, Shoro has lived in eight states, evangelizing as a “street preacher” along the way.

“I grew up in church but I was lost. Then the Lord Jesus found me and set me free and brought me to the United States,” he said.

He started studying the Bible and read it cover to cover. “Then I started thinking about other people and where they were going to spend eternity.”

“That’s my desire. I need everyone to be saved,” Shoro told Alpha News. “I love all people — whether they are Muslim or Hindu. I need everyone to come to Jesus Christ.”

Shoro said he has been back to the Mall of America since the viral video. People have recognized him and stopped to say thank you.

“Many people are happy at the mall to see me. They’ve been kind to me,” he said.

Shoro said he has “no hard feelings towards the security staff” and plans to pray for them.

“When they persecute, pray for them. That’s the example that was set for me by Jesus,” he said.

Shoro will be at a demonstration at the Mall of America planned for Feb. 4.

“I may make pants, too,” he joked. “I will never stop.”


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