Marc Thiessen is an American political commentator, former speechwriter for President George W. Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and is a columnist and author.

Thiessen was invited to Minnesota by Students for a Conservative Voice and the Young Americas Foundation to speak on the threat of radical Islam.

In an interview with Alpha News, Thiessen explains how this issue can affect Minnesota in particular, saying, “there’s a very large Somali population here.  The vast majority of Somali-Americans are peaceful people who love America just as much as you and I do, they’re very grateful to be here.  There have been a small number of people from that community – well not small, it’s been about 90 people who have either gone over to fight or have been arrested trying to – 90 people going over that’s a lot in terms of terrorism, but it’s a very small fraction of that community.  So we need to work with that community to uncover the roots of this radicalization, because the problem is now that lone-wolf terrorists are really becoming an increasing danger.”

Thiessen weighed in on Governor Dayton’s recent comments that those questioning the refugee resettlement programs should “find another state” saying, “I think Governor Dayton’s comment is a little bit, a little bit obnoxious.  Because he’s dismissing real concerns that people have that are legitimate concerns.  I think we need to find ways to deal with the humanitarian crisis and help people who are suffering while at the same time not dismissing the real legitimate National security concerns that people have.”