Minnesota certifies election results with majority mail-in voting, highest turnout in US

Minnesota certified its results without addressing a petition to investigate allegations of voter fraud.

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Minnesota certified its election results with 58% of ballots cast by mail and 79.95% voter participation — the highest turnout of any state.

Minnesota, once expected to be a 2020 swing state, went blue by seven percentage points, according to the results that were certified by the State Canvassing Board Tuesday afternoon. There were no Republicans on the board, which is comprised of Secretary of State Steve Simon, Minnesota Supreme Court Justices Margaret Chutich and Gordon Moore, and Hennepin County District Judges Regina Chu and Christian Sande, according to Simon’s office.

All board members are either avowed Democrats or were appointed by avowed Democrats, except for Chu, who was installed by Minnesota’s former left-leaning independent governor, Jesse Ventura, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

Shortly before the board met, the Minnesota Supreme Court rejected a petition by lawmakers, candidates and voters to delay the certification until claims of fraud could be investigated, reports the Associated Press.

Minnesota’s 2020 election was rife with accusations of cheating.

President Donald Trump called on federal authorities in September to investigate what appeared to be voter fraud perpetrated in support of Rep. Ilhan Omar. Video evidence of this scheme was collected by Project Veritas, and also compelled action by state level Republicans like Minnesota Rep. Steve Drazkowski.

“Widespread voter fraud in Minnesota has always been suspected, but our election laws make it nearly impossible to catch the crooks after the fact,” Drazkowski bemoaned in September. However, he quickly followed up, turning to Veritas’s video, which “points to a culture of fraud which has resulted in mountains of fraudulent ballots being cast and counted, possibly changing the outcome of several races.”

Some also questioned the state’s decision to count mail-in ballots after Election Day after a Republican suit to prevent this practice failed. Others are skeptical of the technology used to tabulate the election, which in some cases was provided by Dominion Voting Systems, a company characterized as insecure and untrustworthy by both conservatives and Minnesota’s own Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Still others wondered how Biden received the majority of the presidential votes in Minnesota while Republicans gained seats in the State House, held the State Senate and flipped a U.S. House seat by electing Republican Michelle Fischbach in the Seventh District. Even MPR addressed this apparent irregularity with an article titled, “Biden won big in Minnesota. Why didn’t legislative Democrats?”

However, none of these queries are likely to be addressed now that the results of the 2020 election in Minnesota have been certified.


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