Minnesota Democrats Push For Massive Pay Hikes For Top Government Employees

Top state employees already get over $170,000 per year

Minnesota Management and Budget commissioner Myron Frans is strongly defending they pay hikes

Some of the highest paid public employees in Minnesota might receive additional large pay increases as recommended by the office Democrat Governor Mark Dayton.

For example, Metropolitan Council general manager of Metro Transit currently receives $208,712 however with the new proposal he may earn as much as $297,250 per year.

Myron Frans who will continue to serve as Minnesota Managment and Budget Commissioner under Democrat Governor-elect Tim Walz is defending the pay hikes

“Why would you not want Minnesota workers to be paid a fair wage commensurate with other states? Why would you not want to be fair? If they have a problem, they can change the state law.”

However, WCCO reports that Republican leaders are recommending that the large pay increases not be approved.

“I’m troubled by the number of raises — including some exorbitant increases in the tens of thousands of dollars, and a Metro Transit employee who would be paid nearly $300,000 — being pushed through by the Dayton administration and Gov.-elect Walz’s new budget commissioner,” said Rep. Marion O’Neill, R-Maple Lake. “These employees already enjoy salaries that are several times higher than the median income for Minnesota families, and I intend to recommend to Commissioner Frans that they not approve these sky-high requests.”

Below is WCCO Reality Check on this issue


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