Republican Leader Paul Gazelka and Democrats Consider Restricting Gun Rights

The move has been criticized by conservative activists.

Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazela via Minnesota Senate

Incoming House Speaker Melissa Hortman is ready to make the right to possess a firearm a major issue in the next few months.

“Right now, they care an awful lot about gun violence prevention,” incoming House Speaker Melissa Hortman said of suburban voters.

Some of the proposals include “red flag” laws which allow the Government to suspend the constitutional right to possess a firearm without giving the citizen due process.

In a surprise move, Associated Press reports that Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka is not taking a strong stance on this issue, telling the Associated Press “there has been some openness.”

In 2016, Gazelka was endorsed by the National Rifle Association and received a score of 93% on their scorecard. Gazelka also in 2016 received the endorsement of Minnesota Gun Owner Caucus.

Recent comments from Gazelka have drawn criticism from conservative activists. Jake Duesenberg who is President of a conservative action group Action 4 Liberty recently posted on Facebook “I seriously do not understand Gazelka. How about saying “not a chance” or “dead on arrival”?!”

Gazelka responded to some of the criticism via his official twitter account


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