Minnesota Far Left Protestors Growing Increasingly Violent

Minnesota lefties are attacking cars – will anyone do something about this?


Leftwing activists are protesting outside of St. Paul’s Federal Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE) office, located at the Bishop Henry Whipple federal building. The roughly 200 protestors called for open borders and an end to ICE.

Protestors blocked cars and attacked cars that attempted to move forward. 29 protestors were cited for unlawful assembly as a result.  

 “Legalization for All!” read a banner carried by the protestors. Another sign at the protests accused ICE agents of raping children.

The far-left City Pages gave a glowing report of the protests, written by Hannah Jones, calling them “cheery.” Some of City Pages report bordered on the bizarre. 

“One of the protesters, an organizer who goes by Track and uses they/them pronouns, says they were there because what’s happening at the southern border and dozens of Immigration Customs Enforcement (better known as ICE) centers across the United States is “an absolute atrocity.”

“I have family who have escaped from concentration camps during the Holocaust,” Track says—and family that didn’t make it. It’s therefore their responsibility, they add, to stand up against what they see as a grave injustice in the current day.

Does Track have multiple people or things living inside of him or her?

Anyways, Jones’ report continues

“One particular man in a truck, stuck right by a crowd of protesters, leaned on his horn in an attempt to drown out the drums, the chanting, the refrains of “Whose Side Are You On?” With each blast, the group shouted louder, until the combined din was deafening. He kept at it, smoking a cigarette and flipping off random individuals in the crowd, for at least half an hour. Across the street, a state trooper waited in a van with its lights blinking.”

An accompanying picture shows the man in his truck not being allowed to move forward because protestors were blocking the road. But he is giving the protestors “the finger.” In other words, this great American in his truck, who likes to smoke (gasp), had somewhere important to go, and was sick of the road being blocked. God bless him.

A man named “Lucio” is the most-recent comment on Jones’ story. He writes: “War is coming. Many adults will die trying to protect these inhumane crimes. I just hope no civilian trying to fight for these humans lives end up losing theirs.”


Leftists don’t really care about the kids

The sick irony in all this is that it is the leftists who are incentivizing harm to children. That’s because if an adult is caught crossing the border illegally and claims asylum, without an accompanying child, that adult has to sit in a detention center for months while their asylum claim is processed. But if the same adult crosses illegally with a child and is caught, they can claim asylum and are allowed into the country after several weeks—because there is a prohibition on holding children for more than 20 days, so the adult must be also set free unless the government pursues a policy of family separation. The adults with kids are supposed to show up in court later to hear the result of their asylum claim, but many do not.

In other words, current U.S. immigration law provides an incentive to bad people to use children as get-into-America-free tickets. And the trip from Central America to the southern border is incredibly dangerous—well over half of women and girls are sexually assaulted along the way. 

The last thing we should be doing is incentivizing more people to make this journey, and we certainly shouldn’t be incentivizing them to take kids with them, but that’s exactly the policy that these leftists are arguing for. Shame on them.

Just several days ago, it was reported that a migrant bought an infant for $80 in order to not be detained at the border. And this is a rare case where authorities figured out exactly what was going on. In other words, this a human trafficking problem.

Antifa is coming

The other problem, less gut-wrenching but more tangible for Minnesotans, is that the Antifa is on its way to Minnesota, with the aforementioned protests being only a precursor. Already, Antifa has literally taken over the streets of Portland, and caused multiple injuries to individuals, including reporter Andy Ngo. Ngo even suffered a brain injury after he was attacked by Antifa thugs. Another clip from the streets of Portland, one of many, shows an elderly man bloodied after he was beaten with crowbars.


And just several weeks ago, an Antifa member armed with a rifle and home-made bombs showed up at the Tacoma, Washington ICE facility, where he planned to kill ICE agents. He was shot by officers, only to be praised by leftists on Twitter. None of the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates denounced the incidence of domestic terrorism. 

That same Antifa group is now coming to Minneapolis next week, in a “Border Resistance Tour” that is supposed to culminate in the storming of an ICE facility in Texas. Will our state and city officials enforce the rule of law going forward—cops were far too passive at the recent protests when motorists were threatened—or will they open the door to greater Antifa activity in Minnesota? 

Border Resistant Tour



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Willis Krumholz

Willis L. Krumholz is a fellow at Defense Priorities. He holds a JD and MBA degree from the University of St. Thomas, and works in the financial services industry. The views expressed are those of the author only. You can follow Willis on Twitter @WillKrumholz.