Democrat Minnesota House Will Have Less Transparency

The new rule means legislators can pass bills with little or no public input

Even though Minnesota legislative session just started, Democrat leadership wasted no time passing a controversial rule. Majority Leader Ryan Winkler proposed rule will allow for legislation to be heard by multiple committees without notice.  The rule passed on a party-line vote with Republicans citing transparency concerns.

Under the new rule, the chair of the already powerful Ways and Means committee is allowed to move bills between committees with just a memo. The bills no longer need to go to the floor between committees and the public will have minimal time to know which representatives will be considering the legislation.

Republicans are raising additional concerns that while traditionally legislation must be voted by members of the assigned committee, the new rule will allow a bill to advance without a vote.

Minority Leader Kurt Daudt and leader of New House Republican Caucus Steve Drazkowski spoke against the new rule.

See how legislators voted below in support of the new rule

Roll Call Vote

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