Minnesota Protesters Rally Against Trump’s Immigration Policies

Over 2000 gather in Minneapolis to march for refugees, against building the wall

Minneapolis, MN – Protesters gathered in Minneapolis Saturday to rally against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies and to call for his removal from office.

Over 2000 gathered to march from Minneapolis City Hall to the University of Minnesota. Protesters say they were rallying against Trump’s temporary travel ban and building a border wall.

When asked why they rallied against Trump’s travel ban but not President Obama’s, protesters say Trump’s rhetoric made all the difference. Courtney, a protester attending the rally, explained, “When you look at the platform that Trump built, you know, it’s all just built on ignorance, racism, lies, and fear.”

The ninth circuit court of appeals upheld a lower court’s halt on Trump’s travel ban, but protesters say they are still rallying because they fear the fight is far from over.

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Julia Erynn