Protesters Clash at MN Planned Parenthood

Supporters and those calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood took part in a showdown early Saturday

St. Paul, MN – Protesters gathered on both sides of the abortion funding debate in St. Paul Saturday morning. 

After learning about a protest calling for their defunding, Planned Parenthood arranged for a counter-protest, where a significantly larger crowd gathered to support taxpayer funding of the organization.

Protesters calling to defund Planned Parenthood said they gathered to remind lawmakers why they elected them in November. President of Students for Life of America Kristain Hawkins said, “We are also here to remind those elected officials sitting in Washington DC that we expect them to uphold their promises to defund Planned Parenthood of our abortion dollars.”

President Trump’s newly confirmed health secretary Tom Price has stated his stance against the taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. Minnesota’s Republican legislative leaders vowed to fight to end taxpayer-funded abortions at the Minnesota March for Life in January.

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