Minnesota’s New Driver’s Licenses: X Marks The Mental Spot

This week, with no advance warning or notice of any kind, the faceless bureaucrats in the department of Drivers & Vehicle Services announced that Minnesotans would now have the option, when renewing their driver’s licenses, of selecting “X” as their gender designation, as opposed to the reality and science based options of “M” or “F.” This was heralded in our Leftist media as some sort of advance for humanity.

Who asked for this? Why was it happening? I’d been out of the country for the last two weeks but I follow from abroad: location is obsolete. Were there legislative hearings on this proposed change, which has enormous social consequences? What about pitched battles, you know, the kind that occurred when we were told we were bigots and haters because we objected to men in dresses using restrooms with our daughters and wives? What had I missed?

Nothing, it turns out, absolutely nothing. Instead, Minnesotans were treated to a classic example of how the Regressive Left, the cultural Marxists, operate. Need I say our media went hand in glove with this repulsive effort?

Is there a delivery room on the planet where the doctor delivering a fresh new life slaps its small bottom and proclaims “Congratulations, it’s an X!” No, there isn’t. But Minnesotans are being gaslighted into thinking a self designation of X is somehow a valid, legitimate public policy option, indeed, an affirmative good. “Progress.”

Instead, Minnesotans are being railroaded into agreeing that one person’s mental unwellness is a basis for the public policy for the rest of us. It isn’t and shouldn’t be but how the X option came to be is a textbook example of how the Left operates, while insipid Minnesota Republicans applaud themselves for attending cheesy Twinwest Chamber breakfasts or cucks-in-suits “Rough Riders” early morning gatherings, thinking either somehow makes a difference while our culture corrodes.

* * * *

Media reports were especially repulsive, merely reprinting talking points from the damaged “transgender” community in support of a change the public had no say in. Isn’t this how they want to rule, by diktat, not the consent of the governed?

The Pioneer Press, in an article titled “Object to Gender? Minnesota debuts ‘non-binary’ option on driver’s license,” reported that “State Sen. Scott Newman, a Republican from Hutchinson who chairs the transportation finance and policy committee, said in a statement that the change was made unilaterally and without legislative approval. He also questioned the impact it will have on law enforcement if they were not informed of the change. Newman said he first heard about it Tuesday. Minnesota’s division of Driver and Vehicle Services did not respond to requests for comment on Newman’s statement.”

Of course they didn’t respond. Why should they? The permanent bureaucracy believes it knows better than mere elected officials and those idiots who put them in place, voters. Governor Mark Dayton said in a statement: “Every Minnesotan deserves to be treated with the same dignity and respect.” True but that’s not what’s going on here. The radical transformation of society, as imposed from above by elites, is the real story.

* * * *

We live in an age where a social pathology or outright mental illness forms the basis for public policies that are forced upon the rest of us. To object is to be called names and not fighting back because of fear of being name called is how those policies remain in place.

There are only two genders and the traditional nuclear family is the bedrock of Western Civilization. Both of those concepts have been called into question not by logic or science but by a Far Left that has become ascendant without being accountable to those who are most affected by their repulsive ideas. Destruction of the status quo is the desired goal. If you thought this fight ended with same sex marriage, you’re quite mistaken.

Rush Limbaugh recently had occasion to remark on the nature of what we now see routinely on the Left. “This is why I have ascribed the theory that what liberalism and the American left has become is essentially a party of psychological disorders infiltrating our political system and demanding that their psychological disorders be treated as serious policy disagreements and that they be given policies they demand. We’re dealing with people that have psychological disorders who’ve become the base of the Democrat Party.”

We have this in spades in Minnesota, especially the Twin Cities. Take a look at the Star Wars bar scene that now passes for the Minneapolis City Council. It’s a freak show and I don’t care whose feelings I hurt in saying so. Just today the Star Tribune had a story about how their meetings spiral out of control and into chaos, with the mob controlling the proceedings. Third World Minneapolis is real.

On an individual level, one is never right in being mean or cruel to those who think they’re a woman trapped in a man’s body. Or any other sort of mental disorder that would make one think picking “X” as your gender is somehow a positive, affirmative good. What we have is the Left enabling these delusions and forcing the rest of us to go along or risk being slandered.

But we can and must object to these encroachments on sanity and reason, what a friend of mine called “the latest grievous violation of our human dignity.” The reason is that there is never a limiting principle with Cultural Marxism: the goalposts always get moved further Left. What’s it to you if two women want to marry? That becomes “bake the cake!” pretty quickly and your religious rights cease to exist, preferably to be recast as bigotry of some sort.

What’s happening across our cultural landscape is literally insanity and that insanity has now been forced upon us by the most banal item in every adult Minnesotan’s possession: a driver’s license.

* * * *

Two days ago I filed Data Practices requests with Governor Mark Dayton, the Public Safety Commission and the Drivers & Vehicles Services asking for any and all data that refer or relate to how the “X” option came to pass. If we had a media worthy of the name, they’d have already done so but they are part of the cultural onslaught we face. Major media in the Twin Cities had fawning coverage of some dude who couldn’t quite figure out he was a dude and so was “happy” with the “non-binary” gender choice of X. It was sheer political propaganda, ready to go in an instant. How did they find this guy so quickly? Local LBGTXYZQsometimesG groups were at the ready, having already been in collaboration with DVS to enact this change.

His name is M. J. Zappa. The M stands for Minnesota. No, really.

Data Practices requests are notoriously slow and cumbersome, especially when the governmental agencies in question don’t want light shone upon their actions. No matter, one has to start somewhere and so I have begun. I’ll keep Alpha News readers updated as to the progress of this effort, or the lack thereof.

The point is that we can all do something. Minnesota Republican legislators might want to hold hearings into how such a profound policy change with the imprimatur of the State was allowed to be foisted upon us. That would take courage but, given how this weekend we saw courage on the part of Senate Republicans in confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court, nothing seems beyond the realm of the possible.

* * * *

In addition to Alpha News, John Gilmore is also a contributor to The Hill. He is the founder and executive director of Minnesota Media Monitor.™ He blogs at MinnesotaConservatives.org and is on Twitter under @Shabbosgoy. He can be reached at Wbua@nycunarjfza.pbz

John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at minnesotaconservatives.org & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter