MN-based MyPillow CEO Featured in Trump’s “Made in America” Week

President Donald Trump gave his review of Minnesota-native Mike Lindell's invention.

Credit: Fox Business

WASHINGTON – On Wednesday, MyPillow CEO and Minnesota-native Mike Lindell sat down with President Donald Trump and a panel of other small business owners to discuss American jobs.

The meeting comes during the administration’s “Made in America” theme week. Over the past five days, the White House has organized multiple different events focusing on US-made products and American jobs.

Lindell, an outspoken supporter of Trump and inventor of MyPillow, was invited to the White House to participate in the theme week. MyPillow, based in Chaska, employs over 1,500 people. Even the cotton in each MyPillow is grown in America, something Lindell touted during the meeting this week.

“And I’m very proud that every part, even the cotton, is grown in the USA,” Lindell said.

Minnesota Rep. Erik Paulsen was also a part of the event, sitting next to Lindell. Paulsen praised Lindell’s invention, saying he sleeps on a MyPillow every night.

The president also complimented the American-made pillow, admitting to buying a couple of Lindell’s pillows.

“I’ve actually bought a couple of pillows, and they are very good,” Trump said. “I’ve slept so much better ever since.”

Fox Business host David Asman interviewed Lindell after the event. Asman asked the inventor what it was like to be invited to the White House and have the president endorse his product.

“It was surreal,” Lindell told Asman. “It was an honor to even be invited, but then I was sitting right next to him. And for him to do that, to say that about my products, it was amazing.”

Lindell’s outspoken support for Trump has come at a price. Shortly after Lindell went public with his support for Trump, the Better Business Bureau downgraded its rating for MyPillow from an A+ to an F. Lindell also spoke at Trump’s last-minute rally in Minnesota on Nov. 4, launching questions of a potential gubernatorial run.

Watch the president praise MyPillow below:

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