MN Lawmakers Receive Poor Grades on Conservative Scorecard

All But One Minnesota Congressman Failing on Conservative Principles

St. Paul, MN – Nine out of ten members of Minnesota’s Congressional Delegation received failing “grades” on a scorecard that shows how conservative certain members of Congress are.

The scorecard is created by Heritage Action for America, a 501(c)(4) organization that “holds Congress accountable to conservative principles.” According to their website, Heritage Action for America determines scores by measuring votes, co-sponsorships, and other legislative activity.

The most recent scorecard was released on December 15th, giving all but one member of Minnesota’s Congressional Delegation a failing score.

Topping the list with a score of 66% is Representative Tom Emmer (R – MN06), who beat the House Republican average score by one percentage point.  

Behind Representative Emmer is Representative Erik Paulsen (R – MN03) with a score of 52% and Representative John Kline (R – MN 02) with a score of 51%.

The scores take a sharp decline when ranking the Democratic members of Minnesota’s Congressional Delegation, with the top Democratic scorer, Representative Collin Peterson (D – MN07) bridging the divide, scoring only 34%.

The scores get much worse after Peterson, with Representative Tim Walz scoring 19%, and Representatives Keith Ellison (D – MN05) and Rick Nolan (D – MN08) scoring only 14%. Representative Betty McCollum (D – MN04) received the lowest score of Minnesota’s House Members, scoring only 12%.

Ranking at the bottom of the scorecard are Minnesota’s United States Senators, Senators Al Franken (D) and Amy Klobuchar (D), receiving scores of only 7% and 5%, respectively. (To see specific bills members voted on click the hyperlink attached to their names).

Other conservative scorecards agree with these rankings. For example, the Conservative Review’s scorecard ranks the members in nearly the same order, but with even lower scores. The FreedomWorks scorecard also ranks the members in a similar order, but the Republican lawmakers have higher scores than the other two scorecards.

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Julia Erynn