MN Republicans Launch Anti-Hillary Campaign

St. Paul, MN- The Minnesota Republican Party is gearing up to take down Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton in November.

Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota Keith Downey unveiled a new social media campaign called “Crooked Together.” They want to educate voters so they can “make up their own mind” before voting in November.

Crooked Together Flyer

The Republican Party cites the scandal surrounding Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as well as US Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton while investigating Hillary Clinton, and the DFL being fined $100,000 for coordinating with the campaigns of thirteen senators as reasons the Democratic Party should be considered “crooked.”

During a press conference Wednesday, Chairman Downey spoke alongside Rick Aguilar, President of the Hispanic Republican Association, who spoke out against emails released by WikiLeaks showing DNC leaders targeting Hispanics and using racist terms.  Aguilar said, “The DNC emails published by WikiLeaks show just how much Democrats are taking for granted Latino voters, one of their key voting blocks. It is absolutely shameful that DNC staff members referred to Latinos with the term ‘taco bowl outreach’ as if Hispanics are part of a political game.”

The “Crooked Together” campaign will have a heightened focus during the final two days of the Democratic National Convention, and then continue through the remainder of the 2016 election.