MN Senate Joins in on Abortion Lawsuit

"Sanctity of life is not just a slogan. It’s something I believe and fight to defend."

Photo by QuinceMedia--1031690
Photo by QuinceMedia--1031690

MN’s Senate Republicans have enabled a private firm to defend abortion restrictions from a lawsuit, as they aren’t confident in Attorney General Keith Ellison.

Normally the Attorney General would defend the state in such matters, but Senate Republicans are worried that General Ellison may not defend the law properly. Ellison is a staunch defender of abortion laws, and while he has expressed intent to defend against the lawsuit Republicans are not fully convinced.

“Sanctity of life is not just a slogan. It’s something I believe and fight to defend. The purpose of this suit is to ensure our law is rigorously defended. While I would like to believe that Attorney General Ellison would protect Minnesota’s unborn children regardless of his personal beliefs, it appears he is more apt to advance his partisan political objectives,” says a statement from the Senate Rules Committee.

The Ramsay Court District lawsuit aims to remove bipartisan abortion restrictions such as a 24-hour waiting period, proper burial or cremation for the aborted child, and parental notification for abortion receivers under 18.

The lawsuit perpetrators are an anonymous nurse-midwife who wants to perform abortions and the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, a Unitarian Unitarian congregation.

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