New evidence suggests Ilhan Omar committed a string of felonies

"Almost certainly, Rep. Omar fraudulently married her brother, a British citizen, in the service of immigration fraud, education fraud, and federal student loan fraud."

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New evidence has emerged that suggests Rep. Ilhan Omar committed a string of felonies, which started when she fraudulently married her brother. 

Investigative reporter David Steinberg recently wrote in The Blaze that Omar has “almost certainly committed the most extensive spree of felonies by a congressperson in U.S. history.” In order to prove Omar married her brother, Steinberg said he needed an example of her father being referred to as “Nur Said Elmi.” He found three dozen examples. 

Popularly, Omar’s father — who was a colonel in the American-backed Somali “54th reserve brigade in the 60th division” in the Somali-Ethiopia 1982 border-war — is known as “Nur Omar Mohamed.” Yet when Mr. Nur Omar Mohamed passed away in June from COVID-19 complications, an outpouring of support from the Somali community wrote his name as “Nur Said Elmi.” That is significant because the man Omar was married to from 2009 until 2017 was named “Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.”

Scott Johnson of Power Line said Omar has “vehemently denied that Nur Said Elmi was [her father’s] name because the name reflects the fraternal relationship of Ahmed Nur Said Elmi to her — Ahmed Nur Said Elmi being the younger brother she married for fraudulent purposes in 2009.”

Steinberg writes that: 

“From 2009 until 2017, Ilhan Omar was married (by a Christian minister) to British citizen Ahmed Nur Said Elmi. Somali naming customs are patrilineal and do not use family surnames. For example, “Ahmed Nur Said Elmi” implies that Ahmed’s father is “Nur,” his grandfather is “Said,” and his great-grandfather is “Elmi.”

Also from 2009 until 2017, Ilhan Omar lived with, raised three kids with, and illegally filed multiple joint tax returns with a second man — not Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

Just a couple months after marrying, Ilhan and her legal husband both enrolled at North Dakota State University and received federal financial aid. Married couples are not required to submit evidence of their respective parents’ assets on FAFSA applications and thus likely receive much more favorable loan terms. 

Almost certainly, Rep. Omar fraudulently married her brother, a British citizen, in the service of immigration fraud, education fraud, and federal student loan fraud. Along the way, she filed at least two years of fraudulent tax returns, and possibly eight. She lived in several different subsidized housing units during this time. She likely received subsidized health care and child care during this time. For eight years, every application she signed for state and federal aid was likely fraudulent. During her 2017 divorce from Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, Ilhan submitted a nine-question statement to the court signed under penalty of perjury. Literally — she signed just below the statement of acknowledgment. Eight of her nine answers appear to be perjurious. Each instance is punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment. 

The paperwork she signed for her successful 2016 run and two-year tenure as a Minnesota state representative may contain instances of perjury as well.”

Although conservative media has picked Steinberg’s reporting up, his work is often dismissed by mainstream outlets — though Steinberg alleges they have yet to actually confront the claims he is making with counter-evidence.

Omar recently defeated a well-funded primary challenger in the Fifth Congressional District Democratic primary. Omar and Republican congressional candidate Lacy Johnson will face off this November. 


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