Out with the Old, In with the New

The State of Minnesota is re-branding with a new logo that all agencies will use in the future.

Minnesota's new more "inclusive" and unifying logo.

St. Paul, Minnesota   The Minnesota Department of Transportation has launched a new logo in an effort to “rebrand” itself.  According to the MNDOT website, the new logo “will increase recognition, build trust (especially around cyber security), and change the story about what it means to work for and do business with the State of Minnesota.”

As Bob Collins said in his MPR article, “It’s not entirely clear to mere mortals how the logo builds trust around cyber security, but the design people have thought about this, including the proper spacing in its use. Nothing can lock down the state’s computer systems like proper spacing between other letters.”

The previous blue and green logo included a star and half a pine tree and had served MNDOT’s purposes for over thirty years.  

MNDOT's retired logo.
MNDOT’s retired logo.

The new logo will be used by all of Minnesota’s state entities, with text attached to describe each agency.  The concept is meant to build brand unity between all state agencies.  

MnDOT’s new logo is part of an ongoing rebranding effort by the state of Minnesota. As one of the state’s largest agencies, MnDOT is proud to lead and be one of the first agencies to incorporate the new state logo. Every day, our work at MnDOT contributes in a significant way to the state’s ongoing promise to the public–that state government’s parts, or agencies, work together to make life better for all Minnesotans with a seamless, trustworthy, user-focused experience for all its citizens and consumers. And our desire, not only at MnDOT but across the entire enterprise, is that people’s attitudes and opinions about state government will include trust and confidence in the state and the services we provide. ~ MNDOT

The state intends to use the new logo to engage and encourage new employees to work in Minnesota, stating “ A brand that is inclusive of all Minnesotans will help us do that by presenting a fresh and cohesive image to potential state employees.”

State of Minnesota IT employees developed the new logo in their daily, normal work, so additional tax dollars were not spent to make the new identity.  MNDOT also assures taxpayers that the new logo will be placed on vehicles through attrition to minimize costs.

Andrea Mayer-Bruestle

Andrea Mayer-Bruestle is a former writer for Alpha News.