Patagonia raises money for anti-Line 3 group accused of allowing sexual abuse

Minnesotans love their Patagonia clothing, and Patagonia loves Minnesota politics.

Patagonia, a major outdoor clothing company, currently collects donations for Honor the Earth, a controversial anti-Line 3 protest organization accused of defending sexual abusers.

The Line 3 project is currently underway, replacing deteriorating 1960s oil transportation infrastructure with a safer, more efficient pipeline, according to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. However, not all Minnesotans support the project. Honor the Earth, founded by activist Winona LaDuke, has staged consistent demonstrations aimed at interfering with construction of the line since it commenced early this year.

Meanwhile, Patagonia has worked to raise funds for Honor the Earth, even as the organization faces accusations of allowing sexual abusers to operate within its ranks.

Former Honor the Earth contractor Margaret Campbell filed a lawsuit in 2016 claiming she was sexually harassed by Michael Dahl who served in a leadership position during her time at the organization. Although Campbell sought help from the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, her accusations of misconduct were never vindicated since the department decided her claim was too old to pursue, according to the Star Tribune.

LaDuke discredited Campbell’s accusations on the basis that she is “non-native” during an interview.

LaDuke also conceded at one point that Dahl “probably did have sex” with an underage boy, but ultimately concluded that she would continue to “stand with Mike [Dahl].”

A former Honor the Earth board member and professional musician, Nahko Bear, has also been accused of violating underage girls. He has even been banned from performing at certain venues that see validity in these accusations.

Despite these sordid allegations, Honor the Earth still manages to attract high profile corporate sponsors, the most notable of which is Patagonia.

The outdoor-focused company collects donations for Honor the Earth via its fundraising division: Patagonia Action Works. Honor the Earth has also promoted this partnership on its own website.

Image source: Screenshot/Patagonia Action Works

Patagonia’s partnership with a left-wing organization is not unusual for the company, which sued former President Donald Trump in 2017 and publicly distanced itself from the financial industry in 2019 after Wall Street bankers started wearing Pata gear.

Alpha News reached out to Patagonia, asking if its relationship with Honor the Earth will be affected by the allegations of sexual abuse within the organization. Patagonia did not reply in time for publication, but this article will be updated if the company does choose to comment.

Honor the Earth also enjoys the sponsorship of Ben & Jerry’s, as the company donated a portion of the profits from its anti-Trump “Resist” flavor to the green organization.


Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.