Plymouth City Council Retracts Support for Firearm Background Checks

Photo courtesy of northwest herald
Photo courtesy of northwest herald
Photo courtesy of Northwest Herald

In a controversial move the Plymouth City Council removed its support for criminal background checks for firearms during Monday evening’s meeting.  Previously the City Council supported background checks on their list of legislative priorities, prompted by the murder of 28-year-old Trisha Nelson in Plymouth.  According to WCCO Nelson was stabbed and shot by her fiancée back in February.  The City Council made no mention of background checks for the purchase of knives.

The Plymouth City Council originally supported legislation preventing individuals who are not legally able to purchase a gun from doing so without a criminal background check. However, several residents expressed their anger at the Council for getting involved in gun legislation, and at a special meeting the council retracted its support.

The Council’s legislative priority list was not the only thing 2nd Amendment supporters took issue with in Plymouth.  The Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance (GOCRA) urged their supporters to attend the meeting.  In a news release on their website they point out Plymouth Police Chief Mike Goldstein’s lobbying efforts for SF 2980.  Sponsored by Senator Ron Latz, this bill would enable “family members to petition a court to prohibit people from possessing firearms.” GOCRA asks, “Do you think this is the best use of the chief’s time, and of your tax dollars?” going on to explain, “A strong show of support by Plymouth residents will help convince the Council to do the right thing.”

Every present council member voted to remove the background check item from their legislative priorities.