Police Find Arsenal as Part of Routine Stop

MINNEAPOLIS – An everyday police contact for littering took an unexpected turn as police uncovered a large storage of guns and bomb making equipment in the perpetrator’s car.o

A man confronted two men throwing food wrappers out of their car near 44th Street and Humboldt Avenue, reports MPR. They ignored him until he went to get their license plate number, at which point they got out of the car and threatened the man by indicating they had firearms, reports the Star Tribune.

The man flagged down a passing police car, and the two men from inside the car continued to yell and resisted officers’ attempts to bring order to the situation. The men insisted they needed to be near the car as they were expecting a delivery via drone to that location, reports the Star Tribune.

Police, fearing for the complainant’s safety and wary of the suspicious circumstances surrounding the incident, placed the two men into the squad car. Police then searched their car.

In it they found a hand grenade, a handgun, two rifles and their magazines, and a large quantity of ammunition. One of the rifles was a loaded AK-47, reports MPR. Also found were cellphones, computers, drone parts, and other electronic equipment.

Members of the bomb squad were called to the scene, and believe that the large amount of ammunition could be used with the electronic devices to make bombs, reports the Star Tribune.

Abdullah N. Alrifahe, 27, of Minneapolis, was charged with carrying a pistol in public. This is a gross misdemeanor, and he was convicted of the same offense in December.

Anders Koskinen