POLL: Most Americans blame Biden for rampant inflation

59.9% of survey respondents blame Biden’s policies and spending for inflation. The study canvased both Republicans and Democrats.


(Daily Caller News Foundation) — Most Americans believe President Joe Biden’s policies are the leading contributor to inflation in the U.S., a recent poll found.

The poll, conducted by the Trafalgar Group and the Convention of States Action from May 25 – 29, asked respondents to choose whether they believed Biden’s policies and spending or the war between Russia and Ukraine contributed more to inflation. The survey found that 59.9% of respondents blamed Biden’s policies and spending for inflation, compared to 31.6% who blamed the war between Russia and Ukraine and 8.5% who were unsure.

The results differed sharply between political groups, with 55.2% of Democrats blaming inflation on the war in Ukraine compared to 33.3% on Biden. Meanwhile, 87.9% of Republicans blamed Biden for inflation and only 9.7% blamed the war in Ukraine.

Of respondents who were not affiliated with a political party, 61.1% blamed Biden for inflation compared to 27.1% who blamed the war.

Biden has repeatedly blamed Russia’s war with Ukraine for inflation in the U.S., which he refers to as “Putin’s price hike.” The phrase has been echoed by the White House and by some in the media.

Prices rose 55% from the day Biden took office to the day before Putin decided to invade Ukraine, according to Forbes.

The poll surveyed 1091 likely general election voters and had a 2.9% margin of error.


Laurel Duggan