Gay nightclub hosts drag show for children in Duluth

Caught on camera: children handed a drag queen money as he exposed his entire buttocks and gyrated sexually.

A Duluth nightclub hosted a drag show for children that featured performers dancing provocatively while kids handed them tips.

The event was called “Mama’s Toybox” and occurred in early May at a venue called The Flame Nightclub Duluth. “Come join local kings and queens for an all ages drag show!” read the posting that advertised the event. “Introduce the next generation to a kid-friendly world of Drag!”

Fox 21, a local TV station, also promoted the event. A news presenter called it “something special geared toward the youth” and invited a drag queen on to share details.

“We are doing an all ages drag show for everyone even if you’re you’re five or 82,” the drag queen said. Although the event was technically “all ages,” the drag queen was clear that it was geared towards children. “They are the next generation of everyone,” the drag queen said. “I wanna give the kids an opportunity to see what drag queen or drag queen life is like.”

He explained how he derives “absolute pleasure and joy seeing everyone come out having a really good time.” Kids were also encouraged to dress up if they wanted to: “don’t be shy to … if you want to dress up, absolutely.”

Video from inside the club shows a man, dressed as a woman, with his buttocks completely exposed gyrating amidst a crowd of kids whose parents gave them money to offer as tips.

This event is not unique. Earlier this year, the Mall of America hosted a “family friendly” drag show. The city of Bloomington, where the MOA is located, has also hosted an “all ages” event that featured an amateur gay porn star who posts online about worshiping Satan.

Last year’s Minnesota Women’s March also featured drag performers, one of whom was Zon Legacy Phoenix, who has been photographed dancing with a child.


Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.