Prominent Minnesota Democrat Uses Christmas To Attack The President

Holiday lights spell out 'TRUMP IS A TRAITOR' overlooking Lake of the Isles

Photo: Tom Hoch Facebook

Former Democrat Mayor Candidate Tom Hoch has put up a large holiday light display that spells out “TRUMP IS A TRAITOR” at his Lake of the Isles mansion.

Hoch is a former president and CEO of the Hennepin Theatre Trust which oversees three large Minneapolis theatres. Hoch is a prolific Democrat donor that gave the legal maximum donation of $2,700 to Hillary Clinton and loaned his failed Minneapolis mayor campaign nearly $500,000.

The mansion overlooks the popular lake and has drawn lots of attention from residents.

Not everyone is happy about the Christmas display attacking the President. Jesse Pflinger, who serves as the Republican chair for the Fifth Congressional District, which includes Minneapolis told the Star Tribune that Hoch is “entitled to his opinion, [but] nothing has been presented publicly that shows that President Trump has committed any act of treason. It is irresponsible to accuse someone of such a serious offense with no actual evidence. I would hope that any public figure would be careful about that kind of accusation.”

Hoch has been unapologetic so far about his display. Yahoo news has reported that Hoch has justified his display and characterization of the President as a traitor saying “These are people who are not even discreet,” he says of the Trump family. “They’re just overt in their attempts to use our country to their own personal advantage and I’m just sick of it.” He adds, “Trump is using our country for his own benefit. That makes him a traitor.””


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