Protester Spits On Trump Supporter in Minneapolis

Protester Minneapolis ANTIFA

Caught on camera – a protester spits on a Trump Supporter during an interview at the Minneapolis Rally.

Watch the incident on video below.

President Trump visited Minneapolis, Minnesota Thursday October, 10th where thousands of peaceful attendees gathered but many faced harassment, and even violence, by protesters gathered outside Target Center.

This incident was not a rare sight during the President’s visit to Minnesota; social media images show multiple fights instigated by agitators and ANTIFA. Innocent people were the target of attacks and harassment for wearing a Trump hat or gear.


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Rebecca Brannon
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Rebecca is a cinematographer, writer, and independent filmmaker. She attended the 2016 RNC as a Minnesota delegate and has worked on a number of statewide campaigns. In her free time, she enjoys droning, running, playing violin and bass guitar, and walking with her dog. Follow her on Twitter @RebsBrannon