Nebraska Public School Employee Admits To Killing Pedophile On Facebook

"We can not let this continue to happen to out [sic] children. They must be stopped," says the public school employee who slayed a pedophile in Nebraska.

Fairbanks (left) killed Condoluci (right).
Fairbanks (left) killed Condoluci (right).

A public school employee in Omaha, Nebraska who admitted to killing a pedophile on Facebook was taken into police custody on Tuesday.

James Fairbanks, age 43, was booked by Douglas County Corrections early Tuesday morning after he allegedly confessed to killing Matteo Condoluci, age 64, last week. Condoluci was a pedophile who was convicted of molesting a child in 1994 and again in 2007, per a local news outlet.

Condoluci was found dead on May 14 after neighbors reported hearing gunshots. Just a few days later on May 18, Fairbanks admitted to killing the child mollester in the comment section of a Facebook page that posts crime updates and via an anonymous letter that police suspect him of sending. The Omaha Police Department told a reporter from Alpha News that Fairbanks remains in custody and that officers are working to confirm the legitimacy of his confessions.

Fairbanks has worked as a paraprofessional with the Omaha School District since 2016, according to KETV. That same outlet also reports that his ex-wife says he admitted to killing Condoluci to her.

Condoluci lived at 4305 Pinkney St before his death, according to the National Sex Offender Registry.

Although Fairbanks’s original comment section confession comments appear to have been deleted, Omaha Scanner, the account they were posted on, has reuploaded screenshots.

“Dear Media,” Fairbanks allegedly wrote, “I am writing this email to let you know that I killed Matteio [sic] Condoluci.”

Fairbanks then goes on to detail how he was in Condoluchi’s neighborhood looking for a new apartment when he saw the sex offender “pretending to wash his truck… while staring at a group of children playing in the street.”

Fairbanks also spotted “a playground set in his [Condoluci’s] backyard! No fence. Just a slide and a play house.”

A second screenshot displays the latter half of Fairbanks’s statement in which he claims to have uncovered “dozens” of other kids that Condoluci had victimized.

“We can not let this continue to happen to out [sic] children. They must be stopped,” he concludes. “I know in this messed up judicial system that means I will face far more severe punishment for stopping him then [sic] he did for raping KIDS. But I could not longer do nothing.

A final screenshot also shows a Facebook user thanking Fairbanks for killing the pedophile, to which the public school employee responded “you’re welcome.”


Kyle Hooten

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