Queen Kamala is insufferable again

To make the unwarranted character assassination worse, Harris again refused to allow Judge Amy Coney Barrett a word.

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As if her legal and senatorial career weren’t excruciating enough, Kamala Harris showed during the last three days during confirmation hearings that she has no business being vice president.

Deeming a successful, intelligent woman a racist on national television is one of the most despicable charges imaginable, especially when that woman’s incredible life proves she’s among the least bigoted people around (two adopted children from Haiti and an exemplary career to back it up).

To make the unwarranted character assassination worse, Harris again refused to allow Judge Amy Coney Barrett a word, as she ranted from her office throne only a few hundred feet away; 20 other senators somehow made it into the hearing room.

Harris, who despite her own life trajectory, still believes the unoriginal canard that America is “systemically racist,” proves every day she’s an unscrupulous, tawdry, condescending authoritarian. Like her 2018 Kavanaugh debacle, she’s perpetually campaigning.

Consider these fake questions her staff wrote for her to regurgitate to the future Supreme Court justice Wednesday afternoon:

“Do you accept that COVID-19 is infectious?”

“Do you accept that smoking causes cancer?”

“Do you believe climate change is happening?”

Barrett was hardly allowed to speak, but in her one quick rebuttal, exposed her interrogator’s blatant agenda.

Harris ended another futile week by launching into a fourth grade speech whereupon she again claimed the hearings lacked legitimacy. Sorry, Kamala, polls show the exact opposite.

We should all be grateful that Sen. John Kennedy — perhaps the wittiest and most gregarious politician around — spoke directly after Harris this week, because he humorously upended all her warped accusations.

Like Michelle ObamaKamala Harris failed the bar first time; Amy Coney Barrett graduated first in her law school class.

Every American should pray the California senator — who has her own history of racially-divisive policies — gets no closer to power.


A.J. Kaufman
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