Radinovich Won’t Say If He Believes Ellison’s Accuser

Screenshot from America Rising's video

Democrat Joe Radinovich, who is running to represent Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District, continues to avoid taking a stance on the allegations against Minnesota attorney general candidate Keith Ellison.

In a new video obtained by America Rising, a conservative political action committee, Radinovich is pressed twice on whether he believes Karen Monahan, the woman accusing Ellison of physical and emotional abuse. Both times Radinovich avoids answering the questions. Watch the video:

Radinovich’s reluctance to come out in support of Monahan is part of a broader trend among Democrats. Despite claiming to be defenders of the #MeToo movement, many of the Democrats running for office in Minnesota have avoided taking a stance on the allegations.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who helped to lead the charge against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, has danced around questions about the allegations and whether she will campaign with Ellison.

Former President Barack Obama notably left Ellison off his long list of endorsements.

Monahan, a liberal activist herself, has called out this trend, saying she has been “smeared, threatened, isolated” by her own party.

The Minnesota DFL recently conducted an investigation into allegation against Ellison. According to the report, the lawyer was “unable to substantiate the claim” despite medical records from 2017 and other evidence that corroborates Monahan’s story. However, the impartiality of the report has since been called into question, and the investigation has been forwarded to local law enforcement for review.

Christine Bauman
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