Republican Candidate Named This Weekend – Coleman, Jensen Vying for Endorsement in SD 47

The race for retiring State Senator Julianne Ortman’s seat in District 47 is coming to a head this weekend.  The Republican-endorsed candidate will be named on Saturday, March 19th.  Both candidates have agreed to abide by the endorsement.

A big name in Minnesota politics is running, Jake Coleman, son of former United States Senator Norm Coleman.  Jake Coleman studied law at the University of Minnesota and worked for United States Representative Erik Paulsen. Coleman says he is passionate about tax reform and transportation, as well as engaging the next generation of voters, stating, “I’ve found since I got in to this race is that I think I have a unique ability to help encourage, and reach out to, and attract those types of voters and bring them in to the party and bring them in to the voting booth.”

Here is a link to Alpha News’ full interview with Jake Coleman:

Coleman’s contender is Doctor Scott Jensen, owner of Catalyst Medical Clinic. Jensen says his passions include healthcare reform and education, as well as creating more openess in government, explaining, “I think we need to be more open. I think the public needs to know what the benefits are of being a legislator, how long do you have to serve before you’re eligible for some type of retirement plan, how much money are you really getting? I don’t think there’s enough openness in politics.”

Here is a link to the full interview with Scott Jensen:

Coleman and Jensen appear to see eye-to-eye on many issues but try to distinguish themselves from one another based on how their experience will enable them to lead.  Coleman says his legislative experience sets him apart, stating, “I understand what it takes to move good legislation through a gridlocked and partisan system, and I’ll be the only candidate here on day one to effectively represent the people of Carver County.”

Jensen, however, believes his time serving in his community counts more, saying, “Regardless of how much agreement he and I might have on the issues, I’ve lived here thirty years. I didn’t claim the values of this area, I lived them and learned them by being people’s neighbor, by being people’s doctor, by teaching sunday school to the neighborhood kids.”

The endorsing convention is March 19th at Mayer Lutheran High School. Subscribe to Alpha News as we continue to cover this race and bring you campaign coverage throughout the state.

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