Republicans Call on Lawmakers to Oppose Dayton’s Budget

Local conservative groups ask GOP lawmakers to cut taxes, reduce spending, return surplus

St. Paul, MN – Conservatives are responding to Governor Dayton’s budget proposal, calling on Republican lawmakers to counter-offer with cutting taxes, reining in spending, and returning the budget surplus.

Jake Duesenberg is President of Action 4 Liberty, one of the groups leading the effort to control the budget by buying radio advertisements and traveling around the state to encourage Minnesotans to ask their legislators to freeze spending, which they say will enable the state to return $5 billion to the taxpayers. 

“You (Republican lawmakers) should be cutting government, that should be your proposal” says Duesenberg, “But how about you just freeze spending this this biennium, and look at what we can do, we can give five billion dollars back to people, that’s a thousand bucks more in your pocket if you’re a taxpayer, how can you not love that plan?”

Governor Dayton’s $45.8 billion budget proposal not only increases the budget, but raises taxes, fees, and essentially wipes out the surplus. Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey tells Alpha News Dayton is “missing the loud and clear message voters sent last election,” stating, “focusing on returning that budget surplus, controlling spending, and cutting taxes absolutely makes sense, and the governor in his proposal is doing the exact opposite.”

No official word yet on when Republicans are set to release their budget proposal.

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Julia Erynn