Researcher claims CDC omitted vaccine death data on Minnesota death certificates 

“I think it's safe to say the CDC's credibility has been irrevocably destroyed at this point,” Hertz said.

Hertz pointed to a man who died 10 hours after receiving the second dose of the COVID vaccine. Hertz said the man’s death certificate was not correctly coded by the CDC. (Photo provided to Alpha News)

A researcher focused on “the alternative analysis of scientific public policy topics” says he has discovered an error in Minnesota’s death certificates related to COVID vaccine information.

Aaron Hertz was a recent guest on the Liz Collin Reports podcast. He writes on Substack.

Out of 25 states where Hertz filed public data requests, just Massachusetts allowed him to see their death certificates during the years of the pandemic. Someone else obtained Minnesota’s records and shared them with Hertz and his team for analysis.

“It seemed obvious that there was a disconnect between the facts on the ground and what was being parroted by the establishment,” Hertz said of the pandemic. “I remember right at the beginning that they’re taking China at their word, which is crazy.”

It led to his own search for answers.

Hertz explained that whoever fills out a death certificate puts down the sequence of events of how a person died and if a person had any underlying conditions that contributed to “the overall demise of the patient,” he said.

All the death certificates filed with the state are then transmitted to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Hertz explained.

“One of the things the CDC does is that they apply official medical codes to all the causes of death, which makes it useful for data purposes or epidemiological purposes. They standardize it by using what’s called the ICD, we’re on ICD-10, it’s a hierarchical system of codes that refer to all manner of medical conditions. What we found was there are a couple of ICD codes that could be used for general adverse events or reactions to a vaccine. So, if a death certificate spells out somewhere as a cause of death vaccine reaction or vaccine side effects, then the death certificate should contain at least one of those ICD codes,” Hertz said.

“But what we discovered is the CDC, in nine total Minnesota death certificates where they had explicitly mentioned the COVID vaccine, the CDC only applied one of the ICD codes for vaccine injury to two of them and left it out from the other seven death certificates,” Hertz explained.

Hertz pointed to a man who died 10 hours after receiving the second dose of the COVID vaccine. Hertz said the man’s death certificate was not correctly coded by the CDC.

“The CDC did not put an ICD code for the second dose of the COVID vaccine that happened 10 hours prior to the guy dropping dead. To me, this highlighted the fraudulent element in omitting the ICD code for COVID vaccine injury,” he said.

“I think it’s safe to say the CDC’s credibility has been irrevocably destroyed at this point,” Hertz said of the agency’s handling of the pandemic.

“I think it’s best if we just abolish it altogether at this point. There’s no legitimate need for it beyond rare disease research and they could just transfer to another government agency. They’ve been politicized, they’ve been taken over. Once they’ve folded to the corruption and to the politicization, you can never trust those people ever again,” he added.

Alpha News reached out to the CDC with the information from Hertz’s research.

The agency did not respond in time for the podcast taping but did send a statement that reads:

“The claim in the blog post that CDC applies ICD-10 codes improperly is incorrect. The ICD-10 codes in question pertain to adverse effects of vaccines, not vaccination per se. Vaccination is not a disease or cause of death, so simple mention of the vaccine or vaccination without mention of adverse effects will not get coded. The blog post actually supports this. The examples in the post for which the adverse effects codes are included are those that mention adverse or side effects of the vaccine. The examples for which the codes are not included do not contain such language.”

However, in his latest post in response to the statement, Hertz and his team fired back, saying the statement “defies elementary common sense; is logically incoherent; is inconsistent with the CDC’s own standards; asserts a standard that lacks any material justification; and, most importantly, is itself a willful, deliberate misrepresentation of material facts for the purpose of deceiving and misleading the public about the existence and scope of covid vaccine injuries and deaths.”



Liz Collin

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