Satanist pornographer pulled from Bloomington Pride event 

Two other drag queens who have published similar material are still scheduled to perform.

Background: Bloomington City Hall/Facebook. Left: The Lady Martina/Facebook.

Bloomington officials have removed a Satan-worshipping porn star from the lineup for an “all ages” gay pride celebration scheduled for this weekend.

Drag queen Martina Marraccino, who also performs under the name Adam Divine, was originally scheduled to perform a “story hour and show” for children at the August 14 event.

Concerned residents discovered that a Twitter profile belonging to Divine consists of “nearly 100% gay pornography.”

On his personal Facebook page, Marraccino asked his friends to donate to The Satanic Temple for his birthday.

“Hail Satan,” he wrote in various other posts.

Becky Strohmeier, a resident who runs the Bloomington Patriots group, said Marraccino has uploaded dozens of pornographic videos to XTube, with words like “incest” and “brother” often appearing in the title.

“This man posts videos of himself having sex with ‘younger brother’ on the internet. He has incest fantasies. That’s illegal in the state of Minnesota,” she said at a Bloomington City Council meeting last week. “It’s absolutely disgraceful that nobody did their due diligence on this.”

Bloomington City Manager Jamie Verbrugge said Thursday that the city has decided “to not have that individual among the performers at the Pride event.”

“The city became aware of allegations this past Monday that one of the performers booked for the Pride event has a social media presence that includes explicit material. The city took time to independently verify that the allegation was factual,” Verbrugge said.

He shifted the blame for the error to an outside “event planner/producer who was unaware of the social media content related to the performer.”

“I’m disappointed this happened. It was an entirely avoidable error that put Bloomington in a bad light, and it distracted attention away from the goal of hosting a fun, inclusive, and welcoming community event,” added Bloomington Mayor Tim Busse.

But the Bloomington Patriots group still plans to protest because two other drag queens who are scheduled to perform at the event have also published sexually explicit content on social media.

“The ‘performers’ are men flaunting themselves as extremely over-sexualized women. They are also porn stars. One was so overt about targeting young boys in his self-promotion that he was reported to the police. The city of Bloomington was compelled to remove him from the lineup. Just one,” the Child Protection League said in a statement.

The group pointed out that Minnesota law prohibits the dissemination of “sexually explicit” content to people under the age of 18 in places of public accommodation.


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