Sen. Michelle Benson: Gov. Walz speaks in ‘word salad’

Sen. Michelle Benson sat down with Alpha News to talk about her gubernatorial campaign. Although she avoided taking shots at her fellow Republican primary candidates, she had pointed words for Gov. Walz, saying he speaks in "word salad."

Sen. Michelle Benson talks with Kyle Hooten, managing editor of Alpha News.

State Sen. Michelle Benson told Alpha News that she’s the most electable candidate vying for the Republican Party’s endorsement to be the next governor of Minnesota.

“I think Republicans need to focus on someone who can win the most votes,” she said, explaining that she believes her candidacy will be the most appealing to demographics that traditionally avoid the party.

Benson suggested that her origins growing up on a family farm grant her a unique understanding of the issues rural Minnesota faces, but she also wants to be a candidate who appeals to urban single mothers and suburban moderates.

“We need to nominate a principled candidate and it needs to be somebody who reaches voters who feel ignored, who feel afraid,” she said.

Although she avoided taking any shots at her fellow Republicans, she had some pointed words for Gov. Tim Walz, criticizing his leadership and saying that his public addresses are little more than “word salad.”



Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.