Career criminal who stabbed a man to death in Minneapolis will be free in under 5 years

A Minneapolis woman stabbed a man to death earlier this year. She will be free in under five years.

Angelique Simons

A career criminal who stabbed a man to death in Minneapolis will be free in under five years, according to court documents.

47-year-old Angelique Simons stabbed 40-year-old Joseph Pixley in the chest over a $60 drug dispute in January.

She was able to strike a plea deal in September whereby she will serve a 93-month sentence without facing trial. Under the terms of the plea deal, Simons has pleaded guilty to manslaughter but saw her charges for second-degree murder dismissed, Crime Watch Minneapolis first reported.

Judge Kerry Meyer approved this agreement. She ruled that Simons will be “committed to the custody of the Commissioner of Corrections for 93 months,” but only two-thirds of the sentence, 62 months, must be served in prison while the remaining 31 months can be served “on supervised release/parole.” This is standard practice in Minnesota’s judicial system; criminals are only required to serve two-thirds of their sentence incarcerated.

She was also granted “credit for 253 days already served in custody.”

So, to do the math, Simons must do 62 months (five years) in prison but was credited for 253 days (about eight months) for time already served, meaning she’ll be out of prison in just over four years.

This is not her first encounter with the law. Rather, her criminal record shows 35 prior convictions, including several felonies ranging from theft to escaping from custody.

Records from her most recent charge prior to the stabbing suggest that she might have been in prison at the time of Pixley’s death were it not for a judge’s sentencing decision.

Simons was sentenced in June 2020 to 17 months in prison for fifth-degree possession, but her sentence was stayed by Anoka County Judge Jenny Walker Jasper, who released Simons on probation.

In January 2019, Simons’ prison sentence for escaping from custody was stayed by Anoka County Judge Dyanna Street.

At least two other judges have stayed Simons’ sentences for charges of theft and drug possession. Throughout her criminal career, she has been convicted on charges of DWI, disorderly conduct, assault and more.


Kyle Hooten

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