Sheriff David Clarke Calls on Silent Majority

The Milwaukee County Sheriff called Trump supporters to action at the Celebration of Law and Order event

Minneapolis, MN – Sheriff David Clarke came to Uptown, Minneapolis Saturday night to honor the men and women who serve the State of Minnesota.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff spoke at RightWayMN‘s Celebration of Law and Order event, attended by lawmakers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and their supporters.

Sheriff Clarke, notable for his public support of Donald Trump, heavily pushed for continued action from the “silent majority” – calling on them to be vocal about their support for President Trump and his policies, stating, “You wanted your country back – we have an opportunity here but you’re going to have to be heard, so stop tip-toeing around this stuff, about your support for Donald Trump.”

Republican State Representative Jim Nash also spoke at the event, calling on Second Amendment supporters to assist in getting his two bills, permitless carry and stand your ground, passed through the legislature.

Funds raised from the event supported local charities including Firefighters for Healing, an organization that helps children who survive burns.

Julia Erynn