Smith, Klobuchar confronted by left-wing climate protesters

The same week she was confronted by Line 3 protesters, Klobuchar made a joint announcement with Sen. Tina Smith voicing her strong support for environmentalist policy.

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Minnesota’s Sen. Amy Klobuchar was cornered in an elevator by climate protesters who asked her to “stop Line 3,” which has already been running for nearly two weeks.

Line 3 is an oil pipeline project originally commissioned by the Obama administration to replace an existing, unsafe and aging oil line that was constructed in the 1960s. The newer and ostensibly safer Line 3 began operating at the outset of this month.

A small group of self-described “water protectors” confronted Klobuchar, calling on her to “stop” the pipeline late last week. The exchange reportedly occurred as the senator exited a high-dollar fundraising event.

“I mean, you saw Hurricane Ida, you saw how many people died,” a water protector said, apparently referencing a disputed theory that use of fossil fuels makes major weather events more destructive. “You have so much power, you have so much power,” the protester continued, begging Klobuchar to “call on President Biden.”

“Thank you for sharing,” Klobuchar responded after nodding along for nearly a minute. She exited the elevator and started walking down a hallway before somebody informed her she was going the wrong way. She eventually departed the building and drove away in a vehicle. The protesters accused the senator of trying to conceal her presence in the vehicle as she left.

The same week she was confronted by climate protesters, Klobuchar made a joint announcement with Sen. Tina Smith voicing her strong support for environmentalist policy.

“The climate crisis is happening right now and we need to confront it with a sense of urgency,” she said.

Smith was also confronted by climate activists last week after delivering a speech on the “need for legislation that fights climate change.”

Smith told the activists that she has communicated their concerns to the White House and is now putting all of her energy into reducing “the demand for fossil fuel that is flowing through pipelines all across this country.”

The water protectors and other protesters have voiced their opposition to the Line 3 project since construction began — and they have done much more than just confront politicians. They have picketed, tied themselves to machinery, placed spikes in roadways, chased Gov. Tim Walz off a stage while he spoke, and organized protest caravans. One anti-Line 3 organizer even called for terrorist attacks against oil-related infrastructure.

The group’s efforts have been largely in vain, however, as most Democratic politicians seem to support Line 3, with the notable exception of the ultra-progressive “Squad,” which includes Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Omar made several public cries for President Joe Biden to revoke construction permits for the line while it was still being built. She even met with the leader of the water protectors, a controversial figure who has been accused of defending pedophiles who have worked with and within her protest organization.


Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.