Special Election Republican Convention for Dan Schoen’s Senate Seat Nominates Denny McNamara

Interview with Executive Director of Action4Liberty, Jake Duesenberg


WASHINGTON COUNTY, Minn.- Minnesota GOPs Senate District 54 (SD 54) held a special election last, which endorsed a Republican candidate to take Dan Schoen’s seat.

Schoen was asked to step down from his position after being accused by 3 women of sexual misconduct, including legislator Erin Maye-Quade (DFL). After multiple calls from members of both parties to resign, Schoen resigned on November 21, 2017.

Schoen’s resignation opened up the SD 54 senate seat.

Three Republican candidates sought the Republican endorsement to replace Schoen. Leilani Holmstadt, the 2016 Republican nominee for the district, Denny McNamara, former Republican Representative of House District 54B, and Bob Anderson former Independence Party Congressional candidate and Trump activist.

Karla Bigham is the presumptive Democrat candidate. She was a member of the Washington County Board of Commissioners. Bigham also served in the Minnesota House from 2007 to 2011.

Originally moderate State Rep. Keith Franke (R) was also going to run as well, but on December 5, decided against it.

On December 12, the convention decided to nominate Denny McNamara to be the nominee for the SD 54 special election.

Jake Duesenberg, Executive Director of Action4Liberty who attended the convention, commended McNamara for getting his supporters to the endorsing convention.

“McNamara did an excellent job getting people out to the special election. I was expecting to see maybe 40-50 people. McNamara was able to get over 100 people out to the convention,” Diesenberg said, “I can respect him for that.”

“Unfortunately, I’m not sure that McNamara will give us the government reduction in the Senate that we’re looking for,” Duesenberg explained, “He has a record of supporting tax and spending increases, as well as bonding bills which will increase the state’s debt.”

Gov. Mark Dayton has set the special election for Monday, February 12.

Candidates have previously indicated that they would abide by the endorsement. If they do not do so there will also be a primary in January.

Henry Carras