This week more than 9,000 State Employees are receiving layoff notices stating that they will be laid off if the legislature and Governor cannot pass a budget by July 1st. Negotiations are making progress, but the final details still hang in the air.

House Minority Leader Representative Paul Thissen told Alpha News that it is far too early to speculate what actions the Minnesota House DFL members will take, stating that there are still, “many outstanding issues.”

Governor Mark Dayton is stating he will accept the offer from Republican House leadership, which includes $525 million in new spending for K – 12 education, and funding to expand PreK for lower income families.

Author and Syndicated Radio Show Host Jason Lewis spoke to a local Tea Party Patriots crowd Tuesday, and told Alpha News his thoughts on the current state of affairs in Minnesota, stating, “We’ve had a number of tax increases, and then the Dayton income tax, which gave us the fourth highest income tax in the country, and now he just wants more.  It really is liberalism on steroids, and I hope at some point it gets reigned in.”

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