Taxpayer-funded pride event to be hosted by satanist incest pornographer

A satanist drag queen and porn star who wants to destigmatize gay incest porn is emceeing an upcoming pride fest that enjoys support from the Minnesota taxpayer.

Martina Mayotte (Twitter/Screenshot)

Content warning: this article contains graphic descriptions of disturbing and abusive sexual activities. Reader discretion is advised.

Taxpayer dollars have been allocated to help fund an event that will be hosted by a satanist drag queen who stars in gay incest pornography.

The event is called “East Central Minnesota Pride” and has been hailed by mainstream media outlets like PBS as an important fixture of Minnesota’s rural LGBTQ community. It has been held for 17 years and boasts sponsors like the state-supported East Central Regional Arts Council and the government-run Legacy Amendment. Minnesota-based companies like Target and Waste Management are also listed as sponsors.

“This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the East Central Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund,” a flyer for the event states.

Drag queen Martina Marraccino (porn name: Adam Divine) will host the event, drawing criticism given his history of starring in porn videos with disturbing themes. In one video he ejaculates on the face of another male actor who is represented as his younger brother. This is far from his only incest-themed production.

East Central Minnesota Pride identifies the East Central Regional Arts Council and Minnesota’s Legacy fund as sponsors on their promotional poster.

Marraccino has even confirmed to local media that he feels there should be no stigma around gay incest porn: “For people who desire films featuring actors pretending to be related, I feel there should be no stigma or prejudice tied to it, and therefore, I was just as willing to fill that role as I was any other role I played over my career.”

“My work never involved, implied or claimed to involve underage persons,” he added, even though his clips sport titles such as “sneaking around in the bathroom with my younger brother” and “satanic bisexual blowjob blows load facial on younger bro.”

The porn star turned emcee’s involvement with satanism goes beyond the titles of his fetish videos. For his birthday one year, he asked his Facebook followers to donate to the Satanic Temple in his name. “Hail Satan,” one of his posts reads.

Despite Marraccino’s dubious character, an East Central Minnesota Pride organizer said they’re thrilled to have him headline the celebration. “Last year Martina Marraccino emceed our event to rave reviews,” Julie Redpath said in an email obtained by Alpha News. The satanic drag queen/porn star “was delightful, was so well received, and did such a professional job that we invited [him] back again this year,” Redpath said.

Pine City is also apparently fine with his appearance. “The city does not have any plans to revoke the park reservation for the East Central Minnesota Pride in the Park event scheduled for June 4,” City Administrator Scott Hildebrand told the Pine City Pioneer.

The outlet also reports that the East Central Regional Arts Council and the Legacy Amendment are reevaluating their sponsorship of the event.

Bloomington decided to prevent Marraccino from hosting a “story hour and show” for children last summer after organizers of a pride fest wanted the pornographer to star in the lineup of their “all ages” celebration. Despite this, he was still present at the event.


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