Tensions Flare after MNGOP Calls Pro Trump MAGASOTA a Scam

Drama in the MNGOP


Pro-Trump activists who said they were frustrated by the Republican Party of Minnesota (MNGOP) created a separate Independent Expenditure Fund MAGASOTA to organize volunteers and host events in support of President Trump.

Republican Party of Minnesota has responded by blasting out an email and creating a website calling the group a scam. The website is endorsed by both taxpayer-funded Minnesota House Republican Caucus and Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus. The website has no disclaimer and it is unclear who paid for the website.

The Republican Party of Minnesota claims that MAGASOTA is “diverting valuable volunteer time to an effort that will have a marginal effect on the actual election.”  Additionally, the (MNGOP) accused MAGASOTA of preying on “low information activists”

MAGASOTA gained prominence among Trump Activists by holding events, lit dropping, and identifying other Trump supporters.

MAGASOTA issued a long statement defending its members and criticizing MNGOP and Republican legislators writing “The swamp is alive and well right here in St Paul. Why aren’t they putting effort into denouncing America hating Ilhan Omar? Why aren’t they lowering our taxes? Why are they funding the fraudulent DHS? Why do they continue to infringe on our rights? Why are they voting on unconstitutional omnibus bills and funding abortion? Why are they giving themselves a raise?”

MNGOP has responded that they are frustrated that MAGASOTA leadership has confronted elected Republican officials and party leaders before, and included other nonprofits that practice confrontational politics as evidence that these groups are not helpful to Republicans.

The MNGOP specifically has said the fact that Minnesota Gun Rights, Minnesota Right to Life and MAGASOTA ask for contributions and attack Republicans prove that they are a scam.

MAGASOTA founder Michele Even got into a confrontation with Jennifer Carnahan during a press conference about the allegations that were streamed on Facebook Live.

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