Terroristic Threats By Omar’s Enforcer

Omar’s enforcer unleashed a wave of threatening posts on Facebook.

Guhaad Hashi Mugshot

Yesterday afternoon the New York Post published Ebony Bowden story’s “FBI reviewing claims Ilhan Omar married her brother.” The Daily Mail quickly followed up with Lauren Fruen’s “FBI is looking into claims Ilhan Omar married her brother and ‘will share their findings with ICE.’”

Both of these stories are based on David Steinberg’s Blaze article “Finally. The Feds — including ICE — appear to be investigating Rep. Ilhan Omar.” I noted David’s article upon its publication last week in the post “David Steinberg reports: The Omar investigations.”

Bowden’s New York Post article was highlighted by Xerta Shekh on Facebook for XS’s many Somali readers. Omar must be feeling the heat. Beginning at 5:18 a.m. yesterday, Omar’s enforcer unleashed a wave of threatening posts on Facebook. These posts are public, they are vulgar (“This fucker thought that I am playing games with him[, b]ut surely he will pay,” for example) and they are, in my opinion, criminal insofar as they are meant to terrorize their specific target and others who have seen them.

I originally introduced Omar’s enforcer to Power Line readers here this past March. I posted his Ohio mug shot here this past September.

Every aspect of this story remains a secret from readers who get their news from the Star Tribune and the rest of the Minnesota media. When it comes to Omar, readers are better served by the UK”s Daily Mail and the New York Post.

Yesterday night I was contacted by Somali friends and entrusted with information “in case anything happens.” They are of course afraid, as they are meant to be, but Omar should be afraid of them. They will not be intimidated into silence.

Late last year, an anonymous abortionist, the local “unitarian church,” and transgender group launched a lawsuit to overturn all of Minnesota’s abortion-restrictions


Guhad Hashi is Ilhan Omar’s enforcer. The top of his Facebook page shows him with Omar at her campaign kickoff event last week. Superimposed on his photo with Omar is a picture of him counseling silence (photo at right). That’s his job for Omar.

Beginning at 5:18 a.m. yesterday morning Hashi unleashed a torrent of threatening and vulgar abuse against David Steinberg. David, you see, has declined to follow Hashi’s counsel of silence. In the tweets below David comments on the action so far. If Hashi has any thought of deleting his posts, he should know that we have them archived. Indeed, we do.

The local press has more or less closed its eyes for Omar. As we used to say back in the day, however, the whole world is watching.


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Scott W. Johnson is a Minneapolis attorney who writes for Power Line and serves on the board of Alpha News.