The Diversity Myth

Diversity is our strength. Or so we are told by our betters.

But, is it really?

The United States is a melting pot. And yes, we are more successful than any nation in the history of our planet. We certainly appreciate authentic Italian, Mexican and Chinese foods. And we look forward to Greek Festivals and German Octoberfests. The thought police use these as examples to prove their postulate.

Our friends on the Left remind us regularly that we are a nation of immigrants. They then jump to the conclusion that we therefore must ignore the rule of law. We must accept open borders and unlimited immigration. Of course, if you question any part of this, well you are a mouth breathing, hate-filled racist.

No debate. No discussion.

As is the case with so much tripe that the Left professes, they ignore both history and human nature.

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Gil Gutknecht

Gil Gutknecht is a former Republican congressman from Minnesota.