Karin Housley: Let’s Focus On Issues Families Care About


State Sen. Karin Housley wants to focus on issues important to families in the upcoming legislative session.

“As I spent the summer and fall traveling the state, I routinely heard from moms and dads about the daily struggle juggling expensive and limited child care options, mental health concerns, caring for aging parents, and balancing demanding careers to provide the best life for their families,” Housley said.

As chair of the Senate Aging and Long-Term Care Policy Committee, Housley has earned a reputation for standing up for seniors and vulnerable adults.

Now, Housley says the focus needs to expand to include all the issues families in Minnesota faces.

“Some are struggling to make ends meet, but many dual-income households that are doing well financially still have concerns about work/life balance and their ability to save enough to send their kids to college,” Housley said.

To tackle these issues, Senate Republicans have formed a new Family Care and Aging Committee. Housley says it is time to get to work on issues like making family childcare more affordable to continuing to protect seniors and vulnerable adults.

“I’m excited to put renewed focus on many of these issues that families care about,” Housley said.

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