Tim Miller Exits MN 7th Congressional Race

David Hughes Speaks on the Congressional Race

Tim Miller
Tim Miller

PRINSBURG, Minn- Rep. Tim Miller (MN 17A) dropped out of the MN 7th Congressional District race, leaving only Dave Hughes and Matt Prosch on the Republican side against 28 year incumbent Collin Peterson (D).

“It’s been an honor to run and discuss meaningful issues with voters all over the district these last nine month”, Miller said, “A campaign to unseat 28-year incumbent Collin Peterson will need stronger fundraising and greater state and national traction than I’ve been able to generate.”

Hughes, who ran against Peterson in 2016 election and came within 5 points of beating him agreed with Miller on the need for a strong ground game.

“[Miller] is absolutely right that we need a better ground game. Statewide and national attention are critical in this upcoming election,” Hughes stated, “Last year the team was pretty much my wife and I, and we were able to get within 5 points of Peterson. This year we have so many more people helping get out the word on our campaign. This will give us a much better chance when 2018 rolls around.”

Miller’s call for greater funding rings similar to MN 8th Congressional candidate Stewart Mill’s complaints about lack of national party support to these local elections.

Miller said he is looking forward to running for reelection to his Minnesota House seat.

Miller dropping out of the race has obviously changed the field, though Dave Hughes doesn’t seem fazed.

“I don’t think that [Miller dropping out], changes anything. We still need to focus on winning the endorsement and that’s what we plan to do. We have a message that it’s time for Collin Peterson to go, he has been in Washington long enough and we need more smaller government solutions. I think that will catch on with voters.”

Judging by social media following, posting, and event scheduling, Hughes seems to have a clear advantage over Prosch.

Henry Carras